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The country song is correct....
You know the country song that goes. God is great, beer is good and people are crazy. Well I always have known God is great and beer is good, but I gave the people the benefit of the doubt. Until now. We rented the Castle recently to a group of people. When we went up to clean to our surprise all of the TV boxes were in different rooms. Not only that , but they figured out how to open the locked mechanical room in the basement. Apparently they didn't want the kids in the dungeon watching the big screen TV while they were down there, so they got into the mech. room and cut the TV lines and then took the huge roll of TV wire Dave has and tried to rewire all of the TV's in the house. When we got there none of the TV's worked and it took Dave 4 hours to unscramble the mess. I went up today and the people that had just been in said there wasn't any phone service. I never use the phone up there so I didn't know this. Well while these TV geniuses's were messing with the TV's they also cut all of the phone lines. I think I'll wait until Dave gets back from the wild boar hunt to tell him this one. All of you who know him know how easy going he is, I mean he has put up with me for years, but the TV thing really got to him and I know this will put him over the edge. Sorry so long, but I had to vent.
hope you have a credit card number to charge those fools....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

No, but I can tell you this, they will never come back. Jayne the girl who rented actually wrote to me and told me she had no idea that this had been done. I believe her because her room was the only clean one in the place.
geez and I felt bad cuz I couldnt change up the sheets and remake the bed for you
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

You guys were perfect. We loved having all of you with us, even thou it was such a short a time.
You mean you hadn't pressed charges against the person that rented the Castle? That should have taken place, for that is criminal damage to property, and they need to pay for the repairs. I never would stand for such a thing to ever happen and not force them to pay. Even if the renter didn't do it, they are incharge of what the others do.
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BBBB, I agree, I went on a vaction with another family, I used my name and credit card to book our 2 bedroom unit. Upon returning home I received a bill with an extra charge on it for damages charged to my credit card which I knew nothing about. but because it was rented in my name and credit card I was responsable for the damage. A towel rod was pulled from the bathroom wall by the other couples child and they never told me or did I see it.
I was reembersed by the other couple, but if I haden't said anything to them or received the bill, I would have never known.

So yes I would have reported it, and I would have charged them a security deposit before renting it out, unless I knew the people personally or they had rented the Castle before. That is a real shame that people have no respect for other peoples property....Makes ya wonder what there homes look like or how they live...
I had trouble at one point at our lodge years ago and the State Police didn't want to get involved because they say when you rent you are inviting people into your home and you should turn it into your IC, so I'm not going to do anything, but they will never rent again and now there are more rules that everyone else has to follow. If I went through my ins co. to get them it would mean higher premiums and I don't need that........I can't wait to sell.......................................
Backache, My Opinion Only, but I Personally would Contact the Person who Rented the Castle, and ask Them Who did This in Their Group if You believe They didn't know. When You Find Out and get Their Name and Address, with Phone Number, have Dave Prepare a Bill for Labor and Material and Send it to Them Certified Mail. In it make it Very Clear that You are aware that They did the Damage, and if They don't have Full Payment back to You in 10 Days, You will be going to the Magistrate for Willful Destruction of Property. If the Renter doesn't want to Supply the Name, do This to Them. They shouldn't be able to get away with This, You and Dave Provide a Beautiful Place, and it should be Respected and Kept that Way by the Users. You May be Surprised how Quick You May get Paid!! And Tell Them Certified Check or Postal Money Order, so They can't Scam You on a Check!! Just My Opinion, but I Hate to See Good People get Abused by the A**holes of this World!!Wink
Dave got back from the hunt, with a lot of meat by the way. I waited until he came back to tell him and he is really PO'd about it. Still I will run this plan past Daver. Thanks

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