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Poor Shaelynn
The ones on the head are a pain in the butt to get calamine on. They end up looking like wild children with their hair all over the place. Glad she's having a mild case.
I would stay away from the hospital and other people as you and others in the family being exposed may be carriers. Only time will tell. Years ago people with Chicken Pox were quarantined, My mom was stuck in the house with 4 kids and my dad wasen't allowed in, he just brought groceries and to see how we were doing. my parents talked through a crack in the door. LOL

Anyone remember those days or am I the only one?.... I think that was before vacine.. And the health dept came and tacked a big sign on your front door. Warning everyone that there was a contageous disease in the home... Times sure have changed.......
I do remember my mother always saying that me and my sister were pretty young, not in school yet, and everyone was stuck in the house for about 2 weeks when my sister got them and the first day we were going out the spots were found on me.

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