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Poor Shaelynn
I got a call from the school nurse...my baby has chicken pox....she had the shot but 20% of children get them anyway.....any hints to stop the scratching would be helpful....I know about the oatmeal baths and the calamine lotion....can I give her benedryl for the itching or will it not help? it so far seems to be fairly mild but it is just the first day.....Also I sent a call out on our prayer chain to let the other Mothers in church know as none of the churches children except ours are vaccinated...and they wanted to come over and let their children be exposed even more.....said it was easier on the kids the younger they are
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Oh your poor baby. Jayne keep her down and quiet. What I have found that works really well for the itching and scratching is good ole fashioned corn starch in a warm bath. and it is inexpensive...... caladril lis better than calamine if she scratches and it forms scabs or sore's.

It is crazy to expose other children. Chicken Pox's before there was a vacine killed many . Don't be surprised if the other kids come down with them. Have you and Bill been vacinated ? Good luck . I think the incubation period is from 7 to 14 days.........

I would check with your Dr before giving her Benadryl, Because she is so young.
all the younger kids have been vaccinated....the rest of us have had them Bobby my oldest twice...the second time just on his scotum and well you know.....what I am worried about is the nurse at school said she has been contagous for a week to 10 days my question for the nurses... Becca has had them but could she be a carrier spreading the virus to the teens that went to mexico with her?and what about the others she comes into contact with at the mission site? I have tried to get ahold of her but they must not be anywhere close to a cell tower....Becca had chicken pox when she was 4 and it was a light dose....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne clik on this site it will give you all the info.

Jayne sorry for your baby, chicken pox are not any fun to deal with. When John had them I put a cap of Lysol in his bath water and within 24 hours the fever was gone and the bumps were starting to dry up.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Having a light case as a child is sometimes worse for us older ones. Chicken pox are caused by the varicella -zoster virus. That means if you or Bill or anyone prior to the immunization time had a very light case of CP as a child you could end up getting shingles. The incubation period is 2 to 3 weeks. The period of contangion lasts about 2 weeks, beginning 2 days before the rash appears. My children all had them in Jan 1990. I went to my Moms and within 2 weeks she had a terrible case of shingles. Good luck Hun.
Don't remember ever having chicken pox.

I must have, I taught for 13 years and I have been exposed many times but never came down with chicken pox.

Having the chicken pox shot does not keep a person from getting chicken pox, just means a lighter case if they do get chicken pox.
My youngest had the slightest case and she was only 4. My middle daughter looked like Linda Blair in the excorcist when I was done with the Calamine. She had long dark hair and green eyes so by the time I whitened her face ....... you get the pic.....She had them the worst...down her throat, in her mouth,,ended up with bronchitis because they had gone down that far. She was ill for a good 3-4 weeks. My oldest had a normal case. When my middle daughter worked at a daycare I started to get shingles once a year. We finally figured out why. And they are nothing to laugh at.

No extra ideas for you Jayne...Hope this passes soon.

How is she doing this morning?
Our son had them when he was 5 , and like a lot of old time myths we exposed all our young children to it... Its much easier on them when they are young, well thats our family belief... But we used cornstarch and some kind of ointment, and for the life of me cant remember.....

I hope its goes buy fast and painless, boy they can itch.........

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