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Saw my dad today, good news
Hi All,

I saw my dad today, I last saw him 10 days ago and he was hostile and nasty with my, actually he was threatening. I talk to his nurses atleast once a day, have met with his doctor 3 times. Today I walk to the home and my dad's PA met me. He's a changed man, happy, smiling, talking, he's actually watching TV, first time he's done that in about 2 years.

The change, his meds, it's amazing what the proper anti-depressant can do for someone. Plus decent food, sleep, not having to worry all the time. His doctor (one that I picked not my stepmother) realizes that my father needs someone to talk to on his level. That his well being overall is just as important as his lab values.

My stepmother is also pleased, her husband is happy, perhaps she really does love him in a strange way. She just didn't know how to handle him medically.

My dad told me today as I was leaving that he understands that he can't go home and that's okay. I sleep better at night knowing that he's being looked over and taken care of.

Thank you for your prayers and support,
Great news BB our Daddys mean the world to us....I am glad yours is back mentally enjoy him
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Good news Bodybuilder!

Peace of mind.
Bodybuilder- prayers do wonders, I kown you were able to do a happy dance when you saw you father being more him self. I pray that he continues to improve and that you have many more happy years with him.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Great news, BB..I am so happy for both of you.Smile
Thank you everyone, it did make my day, I did do the happy dance in my heart.
I don't know how long my father will continue to recognize me, for now I will take each gift a day at a time. He raised me, watched me grow, now it's our time to guide him back to our saviour, to watch over him until our Lord takes him home.

Thank you again,
Amen Builder, They did Their Job for Us when We needed Love and Protection, and the Very Least We can do is Give the Same when They are in Need!! You should be Very Proud of Yourself!!Smile

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