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RNvic in hospital
Whew, this sounds like better news to hear. Still will be waiting for more infomation.
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UPdate, She is being released to home about 7;00pm. All tests came back normal so no heart attack.......Thank the good lord. She will probably be on later and let you all know more.....I did relay that you all were pulling for her.
So Still, sit back relax and start thinking where you are going to take us. She is concerned more about you..........
Thank you for the prayers and well wishes. They don't know what happened. I had just been put on diaylsis when pain went up to my jaw, chest pressure, and both arms became very heavy. Took me to the cath lab and did a angio and found no blockage, Have bad cold and not sure if that has anything to do with it, but heart rate jumped 50 points and then dropped to 50, blood pressure dropped to 70/50 snd they said I turned gray and breathing became labored, but feel better this morning.

Still- Please don't worry so much, don't need you to get sick. Still planning on coming to see you this year it may be either early summer or in the fall, a lot will depend what happens after I meet with Transplant team in March, then we will know more.

BBBB- thank you for worring about me. Have to many things I want to do,
so refuse to let this get me down.

Tuffy- as aways thank you for being there for me. You have become a very good and valuble friend.

Jayne, Bummer, Buildergirl thank you for the prayers. Hope I didn't forget anyone, as all of you are so special to me, hate to worry you all.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Quit Scaring the Da*n Begeesus Out of Us Girl!!! Settle Down Already and get Better!!! Don't Make Me have to Come and have a Talking to with You!!!Tongue
RNvic my brother-in-law will be meeting with the transplant team next week.

My nephews are being tested to determine if they qualify as a donor.

Todd still has a couple of medical of issues to take care of before the transplant.

Right now his energy level is at 20% and the doctors are amazed he is still working.
Bummer all the pre testing and issues have been taken care of. My internal med doctor ordered the cardiac work up last fall so that is done then after having the heart cath done again yesterday that takes care of that, seen the Gi doctor already, have a allergist, dental work completed, ortho doctor has already seen me aand the lab work up is done, so it is a matter of meeting with the team and doing the work up. Hopefully they will get done quickly and then the healing and then getting o with my life.

Still you and Ellen are welcome to come and visit. But if you come you have to bring LUCKY with you. We will talk and talk so come on.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
RNvic it sounds like you have done & are ready for the phone call.

Todd is completing a packet this week for the transplant team.

He is to have a colonostomy and another medical procedure.

Todd is 44, and kidney problems run in his family, his brother has the same condition.

My nephews being tested for donor eligibility are his step-sons.
I'm glad I missed this , it would have made me a nervous wreck. Thank God you are okay. Marcy

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