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RNvic in hospital
I just got a message from RNvic, she is in the ER and being admitted for chest pains.

She will contact me later.......Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers........
My God Tuffy!! Please Keep Us Informed when You can, I'm so Worried about that Girl!!
she has had so much on her plate I hope they get it all worked out for her....send her our love and of course she is in our prayers
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

tell her we will be praying
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
She is in my thoughts & prayers.
I do hope the doctors can help her so she can stay home. Poor thing, we just got her home.
Prayers on the way.
No news yet! Do not want to call her as they may be doing test's. And she may have her cell off. Will let you know as soon as I hear anything.

I am sure she was at dialysis this am, as she go's early. and probably had a problem there and they sent her to the hospital.....

Still, stop your fretting and relax, she will be ok, Nothing is going to keep her from making the trip to see you..........
Dear Lord how much can this poor girl take. Tuffy tell her my prayers are still with her and I hope everything is alright.Sad
I Surely Hope So!! That Means She Healthy, and that's the Important Thing!!Smile
RNvic just called, they did an angio, found no blockage, and all tests are looking ok so far. She had to hang up, said she would call me back, her Dr just came in. Will keep ya posted.

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