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Mountain Man
Carefull BBBB, The Daver will get you LOL.... You 2 are alot alike and have alot of the same interests. If you ever met, there would be an instant friendship....... We ( the WC Group) will convince you some day to come to one of our get togethers....
BACKACHE, you should have let Skeeter know ahead of time to let his hair and beard grow and he could have sit for ya LOLLOL
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
where do you all usually meet at and how often..sounds like fun
we have met in several places they are not put together by Admin but by us...the first one started when I had to go to Tulsa for a Dr appt and put out a call to anyone near to meet for a coffee......we ended up staying a couple of days and have formed lifelong friendships....we went summer before last to a castle in Pa.that a member set up everyone went in on food....that one was great except Backache wouldnt stop her car for me to pick up a little something that caught my eye....lol she had some wild idea it was stealing....but really it was calling my name it really wanted to go home with me....she was mean to not stop....I would love to do one in Tulsa or kansas there is a sunflower seed candy store there I would like to tour....Sweet tooth and Red and I have met on several trips and I have met MJC,Monster,Sithie,Pooh and Driller...and in Pa I met up with Tuffy,RNVic,Backache,Vickinat,Red and Still in limbo.....I have also been lucky enough to met up with Halftrac and Bummer knees in Tulsa......a great group of friends that have become family.....And I really want to meet Chris chris someday so maybe you should plan one in Tulsa and see what happens.....Many of us live within a days drive
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

backache my wife and i liked the painting so much that it is now permanantly set as our background on our computer
inpain That is probably one of the highest compliments I have ever received from anyone. Thank you.
your very welcome and again well done

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