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6.5 earthquake in northern California
There was an earthquake close to the area that Vickinat lives, and was said to be felt into Oregon.

Red did you feel it where you are?. Hope everyone is safe.....
Tuffy... Thanks for the heads up... I wasn't aware of the issue...so Del and I turned on the TV and heard about it. It actually happened on the coastline whereas Vickie is in land from the same coastline. They felt it in some areas there but she and her daughter and the kids had traveled into Medford and spent the day. I am north of Medford about 120 miles. All is well here..thanks for the concern and the information. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Is this the second one in a week? I thought early last week tey said there was a 4.5. California scares me Rolleyes
This is kind of long but interesting........I sure wouldn't want to live in California.

No matter where you live, there is something to complain about. Earthquakes are no big deal! LOL Tongue
Let Go, and Let God......
thats crazy and scary never been through an earthquake..but they say oklahoma has the most on average gues there really small..have you ever heard that jayne?
yes and have felt a few....will take our tornados over a earthquake but sure wouldnt want the hurricanes the coast has......we all have something we have to watch out for.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I have a friend in Norathern Cal and most of the time they don't even fill the quakes, just find things knocked over and know they had a quake. When I was out there for 4 months only felt one quake the rest we just heard about on the news. But not intersest in living with that kind of weather will deal with the cold here in IL
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Same with you jayne; I would also take the tornados over a quake.
Hi all,

My brother lives in San Francisco area and didn't mention it.

Heck, we live in Michigan on the fault line, and we've had some pretty good shakers through the years. I guess it doesn't matter where you live, mother nature has surprizes of one kind or another for all of us!

Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

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