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Deer trail
That is just too cool Backache....
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They are so beautiful. I also wanted to tell Jayne....One time a bunch of elk came in to eat the corn, so I went out with a metal spoon and a pan to make noise to chase them away. I started to pound on the pan and they all came running because someone must have been doing this to call them in. I actually had to run in the house because a spike wanted to see what I was cooking for them. ROFLMAO
I would feed the also Backache...they are beautiful animals
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Beautiful backacke... the corn is a good idea... I have not been feeding mine corn, (and we only have a group of 14 now so not like your groups) however, they do love green apples. Del picked a bunch from his mom's 2 apple trees that were going to waste and put them in the garage and he feeds them every morning. However, they will eat celery, lettus, carrots also, but they love the apples. Now I always have somewhere to dispose of old salad stuff. We have put out bowls for them and they actually will eat out of the bowls. The only problem is that the bowls are out of sight from the house and close to where the burn bucket is, so if del is out there burning they do not eat .... we will get that figured out and soon. Red
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