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Tens Unit Question
Bummer just keep it away from your carotid arteries. The large artery that runs down either side of your neck. Mine says to moisten skin slightly before you apply for better electrode adhesion. I usually place them on either side of the most painful area, not directly on top. This seems to work best for me. I turn mine up until it is at the point where it is still comfortable, but almost to the point where it is not, within a few minutes I become use to it Backache
Wow, a lot of information on this thread.

Physical therapy gave me the tens 2 ys ago after the neck injury.

I wasn't given much in the way of directions in using the tens, although I was cautioned to keep the pads on the muscles.

The spasms & headache built all day and I think I just waited to long before I used the tens.

I also tried to tough girl it and not take the Loratab, big mistake!
I ended up sick at the tummy!
My Pt person told me turn it up as tollerable, but as for it relaxing my muscles don't notice it much. Told my pt person about it and she said it's not for relief. She wants my muscles to work so they get stronger. I hate the thing, if I don't place it just right it feels like someone is using a hot poker and jabbing my back then I get intence pain and tingling down my right butt cheek and leg this goes on for a couple of hours after I turn the damn thing off. As to a previous post--Is it possible for the electrcity to travel through the hardware in my back to the nerve?
6/97--Discectomy L5-S1. 3/09--Discectomy L5-S1 (failed). 6/09--spinal fusion L5-S1. This year who knows?
When I was given mine it had 4 elctrodes, was told to make an X over the area.. mine was for lower back and for the hip, hardware in both places but never went down that deep... I was also told to crank it up just to the edge of being uncomfortable and turn it up just a bit more.. I found it relaxing at first but really didnt help much at all.
I hope you all saw the recent medical news headlines of a new study demonstrating no therapeutic benefit from TNS units and electrical stim units in physical therapy ?

You can bet the payors have....
Cycler I do not know what this study is about.

I have found using my tens unit early on before the pain becomes advance is the key to the tens unit working and providing relief.

Yesterday I was late in using the tens.

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