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Attorney, normal procedure?
I have been with My Attorney for 4 Years Now, and I am Very Fortunate. During This Time My Attorney has Made Partner, and is a "Rising Star" in the Ratings, it's the Step Before becoming a "Super Lawyer", a Distinguished Position Here in Pa.! I have Spoken to His Assistant Twice when He was On Vacation, other than That, He Returns My Calls Usually the Same Day, and if Very Busy within a Day or Two at the Latest! His Office is in a City 35 Miles from My Home, and Monday I had to do a Vocational Rehab. Interview for the Ins. Co., and the Weather was Awful Here with Snow. My Attorney set Up the Appt. a Couple of Weeks ago to be at My Home, not at His Office, because He knows the Pain it would Cause me to get There. He had a Nasty Cold, and Still Made the Interview, and was Here to Correct anything I may have Said Wrong, and also to Help Me Understand Some of the Questions. Afterwards He sat with My Wife and I for almost an Hour Answering Questions My Wife had, because I always have to be the Middle-Man and Relay Answers to Her when My Attorney and I Talk via Phone! I'm Very Happy with Him, He has Never Left Me Unrepresented at a Hearing, (15 so Far, with More to go), and 2 Appeals. He's been a Life Saver for Me, and I'm Very happy with His Services!!Wink

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Attorney, normal procedure? - Moving Slow - 01-06-2010, 07:49 AM
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