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Nurses and all joint replacements...Please
Bad Boy I never was given an airport card but do have the operative report, and it list the name, type of the implant and part number.

Bodybuilder works in surgery and shared with me what to look for in the operative report.
Cap., after My Back Surgery, between the Layers of My Muscles I Accumulated a Pocket of Fluid. I had to go Back to the Hospital, and with a CT Scan, the Dr. Aspirated and Removed the Fluid and Checked it for Infection. It was just My Body Reacting to My cut Muscles, and was not Infected. Had it been They would have had to Hospitalize Me with Antibiotics, and if that didn't Work the Dr. would have had to go in and Remove Some of the Tissue around it. But All was Well, No Infection, and I Hope the Same for Your Husband, Give Him My Best!!Wink
thanks you all so much.....I checked his card again and it doesn't have numbers or the type of hip he has.

Rn...I did some research and he fits right into this. I hop eit's not serious or involve another hospital stay. I will be praying for both of you. Thanks for your help.

Will he be sedated for the aspiration? He said he just can't take anymore pain. Just got over the pain of the tumor putting a 3 inch break in his rib......He's a real trooper but it's getting to him now.Sad
Mine was small, and They just Used a Local. I don't know about anything when it comes to Joint Replacements. I Surely Hope They do!Wink
Cap they will use at least a local, it will be done with a needle, if Bill has a low pain tolerance ask for him to be put to sleep.
I will say extra prayers for him, with everything coming out ok.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Cap, the Card, show be the Brand the hip Joint was made from, there should be that name on it.

Bummer, not all Airport cards are the same. I have one like you, but I have seen them with just a Brand Manufacture name on them.

Cap, if you would be looking for further Joint Replacement Info, you can do a couple of things. Call the surgeons office and ask the Brand. Or get a copy of the Surgery report, it will be there also.
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Hun is it a bone marrow aspiration? If it is PM me, Dave had one I'll leave it at that for now.
BAdboy...I went over his whole card. It says nothing accept Bill's name, Total hip replacement, the Dr.s info (Phone#). It's definitely an airport card. Bill said there's a number on there we can call to find out more. I will do that when I can. One the back it clearly states that joint replacements are very prone to inflammation and infection especially after an upper respiratory infection. I would say the pneumonia and a sinus infection fit the bill for this to happen. We havent; received the papers yet so don't know when it will be done , only that it will be done in the hospital.

Backache , I will let you know when the papers come. I'm sure if it's bone marrow the papers will say so. From what his oncologist told us he is in great shape as far as his own body reproducing the bone marrow. While his cancer was active the Chemo was destroying everything but he seems to be fine now. Another pet scan in Feb will tell it all also.

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