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Nurses and all joint replacements...Please
Hi all you wonderful ladies and gentlemen that are nurses. I'm hoping someone can give me some ideas on this. Bill had a total hip replacement last MAy 19th. Surgery, healing, PT were all a major success. All of a sudden he started to have severe pain the his thigh on that side. Saw the surgeon, did an x-ray, hip is intact then wanted some blood work done to rule out infection. They called yesterday and said two # were sky high so now they want to do an aspiration. He can't stand to be in pain anymore. The aspiration will be done in the hospital so I hope they will sedate him. they did not verify whether or not he has an infection so we don't know what they're looking for in the aspiration.
1) would an infection come out of the blue all these months later? 7 months later?
2) what do they do about it when it's a total joint replacement.
3) dangerous?

Any and all thought swould be appreciated.
Cap, aspiration is the act of removing a fluid, as pus or serum, from a cavity of the body, by a hollow needle or trocar connected with a suction syringe. It's only my opinion, but it sounds like there just might be fluid, or possible infection in such area.

We with Implants, or Joint replacements, have to use extreme caution when we even get a small flu, cold, sinus infection. As these can cause possible problems in an area of rods, screws, plates, or joints that were replaced with some type metal. Without knowing the type of hip joint put in Bill, I can't look it up for you, so I know you will supply me with that. He should have been given a Card with that information on it. There have been some recalls on some Replacement Joints also. I recently read there were recalls on hip joints, but don't remember which one.
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OMG! stupid that we both are....Rolleyes He was in the hospital with pneumonia for 12 days in Oct. The pain started shortly after.

Badboy... I just pulled his card...the only one I could find and all it's for is let's say the airport. BUT on the back it does explain about other inefections leading to the replacement. God love you. xo

I will ask him when he gets back what kind of joint he has.
Cap- what labs were high? This could be a reason for the aspiration. As yes something can happen 7 months after the surgery, with Bill system depressed there is a chance that he has a infection in the bone and it will need to be treated with IV antibotics for a while. Cap do not worry about it until you know what they are looking for. If there is a infection in the bone that could be casuing the pain.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
RN...all I can remember on the prescription for blood work was SED and another set of initials. The nurse was in a hurry and didn't tell him anything except one count should be 20 and its 75. I understand now. Never linked any other infection causing this or his compromised immune system to this. His White cells, platellets and whatever else the oncologist checks are all in great shape. So this looks possible like another hospital stay if it has to be treated via intravenous. OH Lord....I know I can't take much more and he has had it........ I will have to tell him your story......Sad
Cappy tell him we are all praying and pulling for him
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Cap does the card have a number on it?

The part number is needed to determine if there has been a recall.

The Stryker hip replacement has a recall web site, I would think other companies would also.
Thanks JayneSmile

Bummer he isn't home I'll check with him when he gets back and post.
Cap, the Airport Card is the Card.

Like mine, it shows Biomet, and that is the maker of the joint. The exact Joint name might be different like made by Biomet, yet is a Vanguard joint. This is an example.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Cap- they are checking him for Ostomylitis which is a infection in the bone and is something that happens to fractures and replacements. Cap they are checking my left arm and collar bone after I had a increase in pain after the fall in May and 4 breaks in the collar bone.

If I can answer anything else just let me know.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms

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