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New Years Party At Admin's
Tongue How about we all go to Florida where it is warm, and meet at Admin's home for a New Years Day party. We could make it a house warming..... Still could help him stoke up the fireplace.....We can all bring treats........Pot luck everyone...........What a way to start off the New Year....Good friends and food. Monster can bring the turkey, I the brownies, Rum Balls and the Baileys.. Sign up below.

Jayne , you are elected to let him know we are coming.ROFLMAO

etc etc etc..
I am bringing this wonderful buffalo chicken dip my daughter made on Christmas eve. It's addicting....Rolleyes
Tuffy-I'll bring the pot of black beans and rice.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Tinker, Don't forget the wine.................

Cap, what do you dip in it ? and how about the recipe posted here?..
I make a mean salsa I serve with chips.
Anyone know how to make home made Tom&Jerry batter? Whats a party without Tom & Jerrys......
I make this fantastic hot wing spaghetti, hot wings, deboned of course, olives, fresh onions, roma tomatoes.

I'll also bring the veno, shhh, don't tell my hubby we're going.

We met on New Year's 1977/78, Kempton Park, South Africa, NW of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Grandma...you can use breads cut into small pieces but it's best on Tortilla chips....will get the recipe and post.Wink
Thanks Cap, looking forward to it........Anyone else have recipies they want to share?.
Yukon Jack with a shot of Lime Juice, also known as a Snake Bite!!!Tongue

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