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My Beautiful Paintings by the One and Only! Guess who!!!
[Image: zzzpaintingbycarol006.jpg?t=1261703918]
[Image: zzzpaintingbycarol005-1.jpg?t=1261704603]
I also am the lucky recipient of many of her works of art......And Becca has a whole set of dishes and glass ware as well as paintings by Red....last year at christmas we met Red and Del at Branson we took with us 2 young ladies from our church Carol spent 2 days with them teaching and giggling.....Carol was not only generous with her talent but with her time....I do so hope she is happy where she is now and pray every nite for a remission from her MS.....My home is going to be empty once Becca moves into the cabin as she will take her paintings and glassware from the china cabnet.....My kitchen is filled with roosters Carol painted for me.....I miss her
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Her paintings are beautiful and I know you love them dearly. I miss our talks about painting. Backache
[attachment=719][attachment=718]Smile Can you guess where these came from?. 2 of my most prized posessions.Click on them to enlarge.......She is a fantastic painter and I am proud to have these. Merry Christmas Dear Red.....
We have Quite a Few also, and They are Beautiful!! They are Throughout Our Home!! And let's not Forget Fred, My Beautiful Bull Elk from Backache!!!Smile
I have often wished that I could paint so beautifully. To have that type of talent, release, freedom...
I agree Bodybuilder....I have 10 thumbs.Rolleyes
my house is full and i treasure them each and every one and yes i miss her so bad love ya dear
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing

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