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this just doesnt happen in Oklahoma
I've been taught in my younger years, to always keep a close eye on the Jet-Streams, then after that to watch the flow of the streams, that will push the Low & High Pressures across your area of the United States. You can then just about predict your own weather.

You can predict even better, if you keep an eye on the Golf of Mexico heat, and the Canada cold, when they meet, it means something wet is going to take place. Then they get pushed by the jet-streams... Cool
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we got a dusting of snow so the kids were happy with their white christmas.....and it will be gone before night but the ice now that is keeping the wise at home the stupid in the ditches and the tow companys happy
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

We have a drift in the driveway taller then hubby's truck.

Several other drifts almost as tall, we are scheduled to go to west Wichita this afternoon.

Depends on if we can get out.
So Far, just Rain Here, but Our County is Under a Snow Storm Warning on the Maps!! No Fear, the Jeep is Here!!!Tongue
Oh now, come on, just do what my youngest brother said, " Go play out in the snow", what's the odds that WC would have someone with a camera on you Dec 24th.

We have just a little bit right now but it's coming down again, bigger flakes. NW of Wichita, ks

Merry Christmas, stay warm and inside.
I settled years ago...so I am not worried about them.....I just hate cold weather it hurts
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I have Reynauld's syndrome, so even as early as 2 months ago my hands, feet hurt, turn blue. I will never, ever, live further north than central Kansas. Travel there during the spring, summer, but winter in Ks or further south for me.

Surprisingly right now my feet feel okay. They're usually the first to alert me of any problems
BB....I also have it + I'm a diabetic. For years now I have had to wear gloves and 2 pairs of socks in the houseSad

Our temps are in the high 40's and it has been a steady rain for 24 hours. Washing all the snow from last week away. Warm again tomorrow with sun shine so maybe we won't ice up. Call for another big one here on New Years Eve.

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