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I am NOT at MMI
Sithie, Is it possable to have the IME Dr rewrite his report or amend it?
I have been told that it is against the law for either party to contact him, my lawyer can submit the ? to the WC state board, but that is still 6 weeks or so out.
The good news is,"You can get used to anything."
The bad news is,"You can get used to anything."
Oh Sithie, I'm so sorry to hear this! Sounds to me like another i/c ploy to slow down the process. I surely hope your Attorney can come up with something to get this turned around. I know in Pa. if you file a Petition to the Court, it takes at least 60 days for a Hearing. I surely hope you don't have to wait that long!! You have my Best and my Prayers!!Wink

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