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Afraid to shovel snow.
Hi all. N.C. here, it snowed here yesterday 11 inches and I have a meeting with the phyical therapy dept on Monday. That would give me 2 days to shovel my long uphill gravel driveway to get out to the meeting on Monday morning. I have a lower back injury that I had surgery for last Sept. Went back to work a month ago on lite duty and on the second day back I reinjured my back. The doctor has taken me out of work again and I am to go to the meeting at 8.45 AM on Monday to see what kind of therapy I am to start again. I am afraid to miss any appts for fear they will stop the TTD checks.

I know that I cannot shovel the drive of 11 inches of wet heavy snow without really hurting myself. And it is not going to melt off any time soon.

Please help! What should I do?

A big thanks goes out to every one and I hope you dont mind me saying Merry Christmas to all.
Dont shovel that snow.....call your lawyer.....And Merry Christmas to you also
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

DO NOT SHOVEL......is there a kid around that can help? Maybe give him/her a little something for helping??? That's what Bill and I do. Neither of us can shovel anymore so either a friend comes by and does it or I pay one of the teenagers in the area.
what kinda surgery did you have??i had back surgery in may of 09 a 2 level fusion and i still havent been released for any kind of work..2 months seems awful early
I would Venture to Guess if You have an Attorney, and You Paid to get the Snow Removed, and got a Receipt, You would get Reimbursed! But Please don't Shovel, My God the Damage You could do to Your Back!!Wink
By all means do not shovel, you could slowly pack it down by driving on it just a little at a time back and forth... Call a friend/neighbor maybe they will help you out...
Call PT and explain, then take a Photo of it for later proof. Re-schedule another PT day. PT will understand, as weather is an act of God, and can't be helped.

Then in the mean time, find someone to do it for you. Kids will do it for $10.00....Big Grin
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Don't be foolish, I was, I also have a lower back injury. went out just to push snow from my front walk last year, (1 to 2 in light snow) was laid up for 3 weeks. Believe me it is not worth it and I learned a BIG lesson/ Bad Boy chewed me out good for my error and I am heeding his advice and never again.....
Please call someone to clear it for you, and then take the advice of all here. Merry Christmas.
Call the Doctor and reschedule the appointment .
I think you are making a mole hill into a mountain. You cannot control a act of God. No one can; Not even WC.
Heck, The Doctor might not show if it is as bad as you say.
A 11 inch snow in North Louisiana would shut the state down. LOL
Chill my friend.
a 2 inch snow would shut it down here lol
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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