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pain management question??
Chris did Mention that A Procedure had been done on Them, causing a Med. Reaction that Made Them Very Touchy and Grouchy, and Jayne at the Top of This Page has Asked You Nicely to put it Aside, and not be Angry is so Many Words. I will be the Very First to Admit I have been Wrong on Here in the Past, Meds., Pain, Normal Family Stress, w/c Stress all Leads to Some of These Days, and My Apologies have Usually been Accepted. Free Bird, could You Please let This Go? Chris is a Good Person, and Jayne is Complicated and also a Great Person, but I Love Her to Death. I don;t See a Need to Take This as far as it's Gone, can;t You take the High Road, My Lord it's Christmas Eve.!The Click You Speak of Here is not a Click, it's a Group of People that Over a Great Deal of Time have gotten to know Each Other, and Jayne in Her Response has Asked You to allow Us to do the Same. Best Wishes for a Great Holiday, and I Hope this could be put to Bed, and By Gone's be By Gone's, Life's too Short!!Wink
Freebird, for all of your prognostications about being a "Child of God", I see no behavior from you that I would associate with a christian faith (or any other religion, frankly). You are mean and unforgiving. You seem filled with hatred and do not have the first idea on how to "turn the other cheek". Even your "Merry Christmas" pronouncements are snotty.

It is clear that you are not happy here. I strongly suggest that you go be happy somewhere else.

I am not going to spend my holiday worrying about continued infighting on this board. I intend to spend a peaceful and thankful Christmas with my family. I would hope you do the same.

Merry Christmas.

Peace on earth and goodwill to men.

Merry Christmas everyone.
Merry Christmas cycler
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

And that is that....
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just wanted to thank everyone for there replies on the topic posted to the thread and for all the entertainment elswhereTongue

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