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Could use some advise from my friends
sounds like you guys and myself is right. Gonna go back home but will wait till school is out!Hey still, You are still my bud and always will be!If it wasn't for you guys I would be in the looney Bin!Ok I will admit I screwed up but it will be fixed Thank you guys for being here, life goes on. Just have to get it together.Love halftrak
no matter where you're at there you are
Now Your not Halftrak, You're 100% on the RIGHT TRACK My Friend!! Merry Christmas, and I Feel You will be Much Happier back where You Belong! What You tried to do for Your Son was Very Commendable and would have Worked Great if Your Ex would Have Stepped Up and Been a Father for Your Son, but I guess His Mind is Elsewhere!! So now at Least You have Something Great to Look Forward to!!Smile
Have a Merry Christmas Halftrak. and make your New Year bright and a resolution to make your move as soon as school is out. You will be much happier being home. Good luck and may the New Year bring you all that you deserve........

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