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Lumbar Epidural Injection and Nervous
California: My physician and hospital have opted to go ahead on a lien basis to do a lumbar epidural steroid injection to try and get me some pain relief. It has been 7 months since my work injury that is still be contested pending an AME appt in 2-3 months. It is next week, yes the week of Christmas. What can I expect? Is this going to ruin my Christmas? Not that Christmas was going to be much anyway with no money and pain issues but will this epidural injection make it even less enjoyable of a holiday?
Everyone is different. I am a success story. Had 3 in a row...then almost a year later one more that did the trick. I got relief from them and ended up after first injury and second injury returning to work full duty.
ive had 3 esi's as well although they didnt work the procedure was relativly pain free..as far as ruining xmas i dont think so the only thing i think they ask you to do is not drive yourself home..i do hpoe that it releaves your backpain but like i said the procedure was pain free they numb the area
Thank you for the responses thus far. I am happy in one sense that I may finally get some relief, but upset that it has taken 7 months and now right at Christmas the Dr decides to go ahead and try it and worry about wc payment later. Oh well I should be thankful and just move on I guess. It just makes me nervous too knowing they are going to be sticking a needle in my back.
It's one of those things, that you never know till you try them. As for being worse then you are, I don't think so, if done correctly.
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i agree with bb i was very nervous before i had mine done but it was really for no reason you will be just fine good luck
I have had many my self, and it is a pretty simple procedure.. They numb you good before they do the injection, hardly any pain with mine.. The key is to try to relax and not tense up while they do it... Just make sure you follow instructions given to you prior to the visit...

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