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This group has helped again!!! Thanks
Not sure how many will remember but about a month ago I posted that I had something I needed prayer for and you guys answered my prayer. YOUR prayers worked and I thank God for all of you. I still don't want to explain more about this problem but he has answered my prayer. If any body really needs to know more I can explain some in a PM. Bottom line is our prayers work and this group of members we have here care so much it's like a island in the middle of even the worse storm. Thank you all
So glad our prayers were answered again. I don't want to invade your privacy so if you want to share feel free to PM me.Smile
I am so happy he could help. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Backache
Manley I am very happy for you.

I also will keep you in my prayers.
Manely- I am glad that our prayers were answered and that thingsare better for you. Will continue to keep you in my prayers.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
I'm Very Glad All went Well!! Our Group is Very Special when it Come to Prayer, it Amazes Me Sometimes!! Merry Christmas!!Smile
as the old saying goes WORRY changes nothing PRAYER change everything Thank You Lord
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing

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