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Regular insurance/Lyrica and Tens unit
Was just curious I am getting insurance in January and wanted to know something. I know you have to wait a year for pre excisting conditions. But is that from when you got the insurance, or is that from when you had your last treatment?
Also I wanted to know. I hurt my left shoulder and am in away being treated for it. My W/C PM doctor has given me a tens unit and also pain medicine for it(Which I have a question about the medicine also)Will I have to wait a year for that as well? Even though technically W/C hasn't picked it up yet.
Now about the medicine he gave me. it is Lyrica. I am suppose to take one pill a day for a week then 3 times a day. Last night I took it and it didn't do anything for the pain but it sure cleaned me out....Is that something that takes time to work like you have to take it for awhile before it starts working or should it start working fairly fast?
Also with the tens unit. I used that on my shoulder and while I am using it, it works on the pain (not completely) but once I take it off the pain is there again.
I am still waiting on a bone scan which is Tuesday.
We are thinking arthritis because when it is cold out, my hand hurts like the devils home.
Any ways that is it... Wanted to say I hope everyone has a great holiday the best way they can. and God Bless everyone also.
I have had capsulodesis scaphoid, capsulodesis lunotriquetral joint wrist, debridement of triangular fibrocartilage all in my right wrist and a tendon sheath release(that was just one surgery) & a lunotriquetral fusion Plus now a wrist fusion

Hi there, I take Lyrica as well and when I first took it, it didn't seem to help much. But now a few months down the line I find it is ok. Well lets put it this way. If I stopped taking it, I would notice. I have used the tens as well, and that worked quite well, but I was told that you need to pretty much wear it all of the time. I was also told that there are a lot of people who wear the things to work so that they can do a days job. And you are right, once you take it off the pain comes back.

I really can't answer the questions about the insurance. But you know that someone will have those answers.
Dont take that med but have somthing to say about the tens...

Mine worked it helped with the pain, but when it came to working it was more of a bother then helping.. I get in and out of a truck about 35 times and the leads kept pulling apart or simply quit working.... Do they help? yes but not a cure, just helps get the mind of the pain... In my oppinion... But so would a pocket full of red ants....lol
I get the tens unit out wear it when I first feel the pain building, it helps the pain to a level I can tolerate.

If I am some where and feel the pain building and do not have the tens unit available to use, I end up sick at the tummy and in severe pain.
question...have you ever had insurance? If so and there is less than a 90 day gap you don't have to worry about the pre-exisiting clause.
Also I know for sure that any transfer within the BC system and that clause is waived. It's called a Blue to Blue transfer. to answer your question it has nothing to do with treatment it has to do with dates of coverage.
I have taken Lyrica and I use a tens unit. First the med is given to you alittle dose at a time and over time you build up to a certain mg that works for you. It does take weeks to get it in your system. It did not work well for me even when I was on a few 100mg's a day. Been awhile so I forget how much before I stopped taking it. I think it was 100mg a day.

I got so that my feet were so swollen that I could not walk. My hips hurt when I woke and I noticed it was not working and causing swelling so I asked the doctor to take me off. My daughter had the same problem with her legs swelling. Not everyone has the same side effects. You may be one that it works for. Give it a few weeks and like I said the doctor may need to adjust the amount you take a day.

As far as the Tens unit. I would be lost without it. My WC IC paid for it only by having the therapist ask my doctor for a prescription. It is a 800.00 unit and your WC insurance co. should pay for them also. Mine were paid for all the time. I start having hand pain and I get my tens unit ( it is always recharged and ready) and put it on for 15 mins. at a time. You are NOT suppose to wear it to long from what I read on the directions the Unit came with. Also DO NOT DRIVE WITH IT!!!! It is the worst thing you could do because there has been deaths with people getting those wires tangled in the steering wheel while driving. That is a definite NO to do. I did bring it with me to work cause I worked as a Admin and when I was in pain I would put it on at my desk. You can hide the wires cause you have the pain in your shoulders and your shirt would cover the pads. You should have a clip on unit to clip onto your clothes like a beeper or cell phone holder. It is a god send to just keep my mind off the pain. It really does work like Bummer said to get your mind off of it. When you take it off you will still have the pain but not as bad maybe. Everyone is different.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
I wanted to add to this thread.

I picked up to packages of patches for the tens unit today from the pharmacy and they cost me $9.60.
Lyrica has MANY side effects: short term memory loss, fine motor skills, weight gain,
addictive, etc... This IS a long term use drug. When you are done taking it, you need
to be weaned of it. Can be beneficial, but be aware of the consequences.
Dark star crashes, pouring it's light into ashes.
I use to get my Tens unit pads paid for by the WC IC. I would call every 3 months to get them. When I got the unit I was assigned a sales rep. that I would get in touch with when I needed more pads.I would use the pads as long as I could as they can get many uses from them.

If it gets to the point they do not stick anymore then you would have to change them so that you get a better effect from the machine. I would use the Tens unit for 15 mins. at a time whenever I had pain. It is a great machine to have when the pain gets really unbearable.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
It has been along time since I have had insurance coverage for myself. So I am thinking I wouldn't be able to see someone for about a year I think is the time period you have to wait.
I have had capsulodesis scaphoid, capsulodesis lunotriquetral joint wrist, debridement of triangular fibrocartilage all in my right wrist and a tendon sheath release(that was just one surgery) & a lunotriquetral fusion Plus now a wrist fusion


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