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CMS todays News
I don't think it's so much of a cut and or increase. It's just that so many Doctor offices are just tired of trying to keep up with all the changes and updates, that it's easy for them to just throw the towel in on medicare/medicaid, and do without it. Now my doctor, takes an average of 28% medicare PT's, and the rest insurance. he said the offset from the insurance makes up the difference for him. He also said it's not always about money to him neither. But, he said, you never take on more then you can chew, buy leaving enough room to offset your office income. He said he uses a standard rule, no more the 30% medicare. This leaves him 70% insurance to offset it.
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My Dr will not take on any new medicare pts...and will be quitting his practice in a few years....he says the paperwork is tremedous and he is not paid enough to mess with the paperwork much less then see the patient and try to find the problem with the least amount of tests possiable.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I decided to enroll the Medicare Advantage Plan for 2010, at least I am guranteed for one year the medical care, because the plan doctors can't turn me away.
Although I will need referral/authorization for most of the tests/procedures, but I have no other choice.
Kat that's what my husband does. His premiums went from $87 for the last couple of years to $135 for 2010. Also all of his co-pays doubled. I think all insurance co are getting ready for something and we are all suffering. It is much better to have one of the advantage plans. No one can afford medicair's 20% if hospitalized.

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