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need help nurses
Sweet Heart, You can't Force Your Sister to do the Right Thing, Especially if She has been a Drug Abuser for so Long. She Probably during a Point in Her Drug Addiction Felt that She was already Dead, but Her Body was still Functioning. Even though Her Thoughts aren't Coherent, and You have POA, I don't See How You are going to get Her to Stop Smoking! Sometimes We have to Throw Our Hands Up, and Pray for Guidance, and Make the Decision You Feel would be Best for Her, but it's going to be Hard for You, because She has Abused Her Body and Life so Badly! All I can Offer is My Support and Prayer, and Say if I had to Make a Decision from what You've Posted Here, Find a Hospice that will allow Her to Smoke, and be Sure She has the Best Care that You can give Her from There! This is My Opinion Only, so Please don't be Angry, but She had a Lifetime to Change and Chose not to, that's not Your Fault, and that Doesn't Mean She should get Less Care, but I just don't Think You are going to get Her to Change now, so just do the Best You can, and let Her have Her Peace!!Wink
I will kick the gravy out of anyone who forces her to do anything she doesnt want to ....she has so few choices left in her life this is one I will give her...we just have to get around the state pencil pushers that wont allow her to live in a nursing home and get hospice on medicaid...she has to choose one or the other ....but for every rule there is an exception we just have to find it......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

And if Anyone can Find it Dear, it will be You!! You'll do Fine!!Smile
So she can only have hospice at home? Oh Jayne you do have your hands full. She's not going to quit ...I wouldn't either. She's ready to go. I hate to put it like that but she is. Isn't that better for her that she's ready and not scared? I will pray that you can find the best care for her. God bless both of you. My only sibling, my older sister, was emotionally ill all her life and life's situations really did her in. I spent time with her, we loved each other, had lunch together, talked when we could but she wanted to die. She made her peace with God and was ready. She committed suicide very soon after making her peace with our Lord. Much as your sister is doing, smoking caused her cancer and I always call this a slow suicide. Just be with her and do the best you can for her. You can't do any better. God will help everything to fall into place. My heart hurts for you....I know the pain you're in. xo
cappy right now I am so numb I dont feel anything I just go from point A to point B to c I have to get my Dad thru this and my sister thru this and losing both so close will most likely send my Mother....all 3 funerals are taken care of as far as paid for or we have insurance for..songs and preacher picked..I will do this all on auto pilot I have to no one else will or can.....afterwards Bill will pick up the pieces and put me back together with his love and support....I cant imagine going thru this alone without him and the kids to keep me going I would just go screaming mad...last night my Carrie (11) said Nana I know I am not real wise yet but if you need to talk I will listen......she makes me so proud......I have good loving kids God was real good to me......on the other hand am gonna start a new post on that new darn basset hound my Honey got me
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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