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neck help
buildergirl1973 Wrote:was this a wc injury? why were you paying for your med care with your ins?

At first I did not know exactly what was going on, I new it was my neck thats why I returned to my surgeon. But as far as knowing it was a w/c issue I honestly never even considered it. I thought when the company offerd me a lay off they were doing me a favor. It was only when they cut my health ins. and I could not get any help from the state other than a 950.00 spend down per month that my wife sugested that I talk to a work comp lawyer and now here we are. In my previous injuries the companies had taken care of w/c I never realy had a problem outside of a minor hassle from an ime doc who stated that I may not require surgery but I seen a lawyer he filed a paper and 3 days later it was okayed. I realy am dumb as a box a rocks when it comes to w/c.

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