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Being 2 Places At One Time
Thank you everyone, Robin was a dear friend.

I meet her when my oldest disabled daughter was 7yrs, and Robin worked as a para-educator in my daughter's classroom When Robin quit this job I hired her to be a caregiver for my daughter, we became close friend and I admired her Christian values & beliefs.

Robin volunteered for the non-profit I chair and when my daughter died Robin served as a member of the memorial committee that oversees an emergency medical grant program established in my daughter's memory.
Bummer...I am so sorry...I somehow missed that your friend passed. Praying that all goes good for your court hearing and changing the depo.
Just received a phone call from the attorney's office. This is the attorney for the doctor and pharmacy company.

I was scheduled for the deposition at 9:00 am but as I previously posted that won't work because it is the same time as the wc hearing.

So I have been rescheduled to give the deposition at 3:00 in the afternoon, the deposition may take an hour or it may take hours.

This is 45 minutes from my home and I will be in Wichita all day. My eneregy level is low with the pain being high lately keeping me from sleeping sy night.

I just hope I can make it thru the day on the 17th.

And my side of the family has Christmas at Bummer's house on the 18th!
I also spoke with my wc attorney and let him know about the deposition to be given in the federal case.

The defendent's attorney knows I am an injured worker and I do not want this to complicate my work comp case, I do understand the games that are played and I don't want this to become one.

So I felt it was only right to inform my attorney about what is going on.

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