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Let's All Be Cautious Of The Unexpected Visitor This Holiday Season!!
Well Maybe not Unexpected, but Surely Sneaky!! As the Holidays Approach, and We start to Reflect on Our Pasts, and Tell Stories of Days gone by, with Our Family and Friends, Please try and not let this Visitor Creep in on You Unexpected! I know when I get Together with the Family, and We start Talking about when the Kids were Small, or the Trips We took, Stories of My Son and I Hunting and so forth, That Dark Well known Feeling seems to Hit Me when I'm alone and have Time to Reflect. I'm Talking about Depression, a Very Well Felt Emotion by Many at This Time of Year, and with Us being Injured, and not able to do what We Used to, I know for Myself, it Hits Me Harder, and I'm Sure I'm not alone!! I'm going to do My Best to Look Ahead, and Hope for a Brighter Future, and Enjoy the Old Stories as just that, the Past. We may not be able to do what We did Before, but that doesn't Mean We can't Make New Memories with Our Restrictions, and Hold Them Up just as Dear to Our Heart as the Old Memories!!Smile Money is Tight for Me this Year, so the Gifts won't be as Many, and My Kids are Grown so They Understand, and The Little Grandkids are at the Age where the Box is Sometimes Played with as much as the Toy!! My Beloved Wyatt is 9 now, and He knows Pap can't get as Much and He Understands also. Maybe Christmas this Year with Money so Tight May be a Blessing for Many Families, because it's not the Gifts that Make Christmas, it's the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and being Thankful for the Things We have, and the People We Love!! I Wish Everyone a Great Christmas this Year, and I Hope it is a Safe, Loving, and Joyous Time for All!! And for Those that Celebrate a Different Faith as I, Please Allow Me to Wish You the Very Same Feelings!! Bless Us All!!!Smile
Limbo even before I got hurt christmas time was a major depression time for me....I think because I couldnt do what I like to do and thats garden...this year I will test that theory has I have the green house to garden in.....but with all going on here it may not be the best year to test anything except endurence on my part.....up and down all night.......Today Bill is staying with him as I need some time in church to center my soul selfish I know but I really need the comfort church brings me....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Not Selfish, but Very Smart, and Something You Need Desperately!! When You Talk to the Big Guy Today, Give Him My Best, and Throw an Extra Prayer up for Me!!Smile
you got Bubba know you and each and everyone here are always in my prayers
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Limbo..wonderful post but it's too late for me. I am already so down I can't pull myself up. I have been like this for about 6-8 weeks and nothing is helping. I am disgusted and fed up with everything. Started with Bill's last hospital stay and then a few weeks later a very close young woman to me, like one of my own daughters buried her 18 year old son.

I 've done what shopping I HAVE to do. That's what I feel like. It's expected so I did it. Will force a smile for my grandchildren and that's it. Don't even think we'll put the tree up this year. I'm just very sad and disheartened.Sad

Thank you for letting me get this out.
Christmas is not the gifts, it's the time with love ones. Twenty years ago when my father passed away it became very hard to enjoy Christmas, until the kids said Mom it is the time together and going to church. We try to exchange gifts that we make and spend the time with family.

Cap- if you can't change it, then don't worry about it.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Thank you still in limbo, that really touched me and I thank you, you are so right and all my heart goes out to everyone and my prayers.
Life is like the ocean, it can be calm one minute and the next a wave will knock you off your feet, it's up to you to get back up and take control.
Cap. I Understand where You are, and I know You have had a Very Rough Year. But One thing that's Easier to Deal with than Depression is Anger, and if You just find a Way to get Angry and get it Out, it should Help the Depression!! I know it Helps Me to rid the Anger, I don't do it around Others, or Towards Others, I Handle it at Home with a Good Angry Scream and Cry, or by Facing what's Depressing Me Head On, and Ridding Myself from it!! You have to Remember, and I know it's Tough, but the Depression You are Feeling are from Situations that have Happened in the Recent Past, so Please try and Rid Those Problems, They are Gone, and can't be Changed!! Just try and Look Ahead, and Draw Faith with Your Religion and the Love of Your Family!! Please give Your Husband My Best, I know He's been to He** and Back, and You have also!! If things don't seem to be Changing, try and Make Something Change for the Better, Your Strong Girl, and I know You can do It!!Smile

Sunshine, You're Quite Welcome, and I'm Glad I could Help!! My Best to You!!
When I was 19 yrs I was in a strange state with an infant son and going thru a divorce, just before Christmas my ex-husband-to-be took off with my son and it was months before I saw my son again.

Christmas was tough that year.

I try and count my blessings, I have 4 beautiful children and a wonderful husband.

Money is tight this years, Social Security Administration still isn't paying me the full amount due each month. I am being paid as if ther were a work comp offset, the local office has the paper work but haven't had time to process the information.

I have told my my children it will be small gifts this year. I have been making kitchen baskets with crochet dishcloth, scrubers, kitchen towels & bath & body kitchen soap and will give the baskets as Christmas presents to my sister. (My mother-in-law is doing the crocheting for me)

I love getting together with family for the holidays.
Oh Limbo..you are so understanding. At times I know I am extremely angry. The anger is holding me back. I think I am afraid to let go of it. I'm afraid to cry for fear I won't stop and yet 24/7 I feel like crying. As far as gifts go they have been something small for years now and my whole family is fine with that. I bought my grandson a bike that he needs and his little sister the Barbie Corvette with an arts and crafts set, That's it nothing big. I'm having a hard time being with my husband and two daughters. It doesn't help. It does help to see my grandchildren. They will always bring a smile but then it leaves when I leave them. Most of my family and friends are deceased and I miss them. There's just a couple of us and I miss the full house. My nerves are so bad that it affected my diabetes and I just went on meds last Thursday. Will find out about Bill's cancer stats on the 15th. I sometimes get up crying, sometimes don't want to get up. I'm tired of being tired and sad. Oh Lord thank you so much for listening and letting me vent. I don't want to throw too much on Bill and my daughters are great BUT I think I need people my own age and who have been there to llisten and support me.

Thank you all.Sad

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