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Good Luck Pa. Hunters!!
Thanks Tuffy, I would have Loved to have gone to Backache's, and was Invited, but Money for Christmas, My Pain, and the Games w/c are Playing with Me are putting a Stop to That!! But Ellen's Biscuits with that Chili would have been soo Good, Backache is a Great Cook, and I know that Chili is going to be Very Tasty!!!Smile Life never seems to go the Way We want, but I never in a Million Years would have Thought I would have to Spend Mine in so Much Pain, and Lose All of the Things I Loved to do for Relaxation!! But Regardless, We have to put Our Feet on the Floor each Morning, and Give it He** for another Day!!Smile
Good news. Troy, my friends son got a buck. That makes it so much better. If I can't be out hunting, I am happy when a kid gets one......
Still I was going to go on thanksgiving but was hurting to bad and my cop friend that owns the farm said they seen on deer but 60 turkeys and now our shot gun is done here but in a week muzzleloader comes in.Thats one gun I have never hunted with and would like to try,good luck to you all.
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.

I'm so Happy a Young One got a Buck!! There is Nothing More Precious than the Emotions the Kids go through with Their First One!!!Smile

Hurt, Muzzlerloader has become a Very Easy Sport, with the New Guns and Percussion caps being allowed Now! I have My Father's Matched Set of .45 Caliber Muzzleloader Rifle and Pistol, and They are the Old Flintlock Style!! You should give it a Try!!Smile

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