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Good Luck Pa. Hunters!!
Monday Starts the Rifled Deer Hunting Season in Pennsylvania, and I wanted to Wish All the Hunters that May be on Here and able to Hunt, or Their Family Members a Great and Safe Season!! I have had to Miss this for the Last 5 Years, along with My Bear Hunting Seasons, and My Week Long Trout Trip, (I don't Fish, just went on the Trip!!Tongue) I Hope All have a Great Time, All are Safe, and Remember to make Sure Your Shooting Lanes are Clear behind Your Animal!! Have Fun!!!Tongue
Durning the hunting season I do not let my son play outside, been in the yard and had bullets fly by from near by hunters.

I'ts best to be safe.
Riffle season starts here on Monday. The first season wasnot as good as last year as there is still half the corn still in the fields. The farmers are having a hard time getting in the fields do to the rain.
Please be safeif you are hunting.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Like you Still I have missed hunting season since being injured. Of course the deer were pretty darn safe when I was hunting LOL. I'll tell Dave and the guys you wish them luck. I get to be camp cook and I'm already hurting from it. They are pretty helpful and don't expect me to do it, but I feel so bad because I can't be out there with them. Today is chili ,homemade rolls, pie with icecream.
I'll second that Limbo, as I too haven't been hunting since 2000, or was it 1999, might of been last season on 1999 since I've been out.

Now my oldest grandson is on the path with his father, my son. He's is one shot and down it goes, just like I taught his dad (my son) on how it should be, or don't take the shot.

Been to Michigan, and never again. Seen men shot right out of tree stands. Now what in the heck would a Deer being doing up there sitting in a tree is way beyond me. Seen another guy, walk a field, some how got around the brush, seen something brown and big, shot it to death, yep, the fool shot the heel out of his own truck. ROTFLMAO, I know not funny, but the idea of how dumb one can be is funny. Was bird hunting one year there, heard mosquito's flying over my head, anyone knowing better, knows that sound is live bullets over head. Hit the dirt till it ended, took a strole, found 2 drunks, shoting 22 rifles at nothing, no target no nothing, my shot gun, had the saftey off and my finger was on the trigger, one of those two guys ask me why, I said you almost killed me you fools, and it will be months before someone finds you guys. They left, and very quickly.
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My son-in-law was the only hunter ever in the family. He goes when he can take time off. I'm sure he would like to teach his son at some point. My grandson is 10.

When him and my daughter were dating he had gone hunting one weekend with his brother. They were both early 20's. In he walks with what I thought was a stuffed animal in a large plastic bag. I thought "Oh how sweet, he brought his girl something back" RIGHT! It was the deer's head. Rolleyes OMG I yelled at thim to go away and never bring something like that in my house again. He's still laughing.
My kids, and grandsons, went in the fields 10 or 11. Done that till they learned the respect of what they were there for, and what a gun can do if used incorrectly, plus respect it, then learn how they worked, and how to use the saftey's. Never before that would they touch anything. Then we started shotting the Clays till they learned to shot, hit with 1 single shot, as they were given single shot weapons. They were not allowed to advance for a couple years then.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
My dad was a hunter, I come from a family of four girls, so without son's, My dad used us 2 older girls. We had vests my mom made and into the woods we went, our first experiance with deer hunting was to help drive. We grew up in Wisconsin, So did all the deer hunting in Northern Wis. We did alot of skeet and clay, also in the basement with a 22, sitting on the stairs shooting tin cans from a ledge of the old coal bin, (anyone remember them) or the old stoker furnaces?. We, my sister, dad and I have hunted everything and skinned or cleaned everything from squirrels,rabbits, pheasent,ducks, geese, etc and we always had hunting dogs....What a life.....
With this Injury of Mine, Besides going with Ellen to Antique Stores, and Riding Motorcycles and Our Vacations, Hunting is the One Most Important Thing I Miss!! I always Used to have the Attitude that I was taking the Gun for a Walk, and If I saw a Big One, I would Shoot! I Loved being in the Woods, the Peace and Quiet just as Much as the Hunt! I am/was a Still Hunter, so I would Walk Slowly All Day, and See how Close I could get to Deer before They would See Me!! I absolutely Loved it, and Hold Many Dear Memories of the Fun with the Guys, preparing for the Hunt, and the Hunt Itself!!Smile
Still, You and Ellen should have gone along with Backache and the Daver, Even if just to help out with the cooking, From the sounds of it Backache could have used some help, And I know that Ellens biscuits would have been all the rage. YUMMMMMM You could have taken a chair and sat and just enjoyed the peace and quiet..........Why do we have to give up the things we so dearly love.. It's not fair, But then who said life is fair......Da _ _ it anyhow...............

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