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back problems
hi has anyone ever had a special bed paid for by insurance have back problems and normal spring bed not working out and what are some of your experiences with different beds i found the hospital beds were better because of up and down adjustments any help appreciated
I have a select comfort, this is one where you can adjust the firmness of the matress. They call it, "Dial a setting"

I've had back problems since my injury of 05, sometimes the recliner is my best friend.
did the insurance carrier pay for it bummer??
I use a termpurpedic. Fortunately I bought this some time before my injury so I didn't have to ask for insurance to cover it. This works really well for me. My only problem now is that the pillow I have is causing neck pain and I can't afford a new pillow!!!! Oh well. At least the back doesn't kill me right through the night. Just part of it.
I Purchased My Own Hospital Bed with the Knee/Back Power Adjustment and the Triangle Handle above My Head to get in and Out of on Craigslist. I have to Sleep on it in My Den, I Probably Adjust it 10 or More Times a night, and I have a Couple of Extra Pads on the Mattress. I Tried Everything, Couches, Recliners, the Floor, Air Mattresses, and the Adjustable Hospital Bed has been the Best. It was Built in 2004, and I Only Paid $100.00 for it, so You May want to Check There!!Wink
Nope, Kansas Lottery paid for it.

Hubby won the lottery one week.
When I was released out of hospitol wc paid for me to have a hospital bed.. Now thats a bed that the ins had to aprove, the first bed was to small so they ordered me a second which was hard as a rock it was hard foam.. I just had pelvis and hip reconstruction and lower back problems. I asked for a different matress and was told that is the highest priced bed that ins would aprove... I ended up having my wife and mother go shopping for a new matress which was for a day bed a perfect fit and no refund from wc...

So like still said try to shop around and find one your self , other wise you may not be satisfied........Good luck..

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