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Should my employer cover my ER visit
While at work I fainted. I happen to work in a hospital. I was taken to the emergency room and treated. I did not have any injuries. They ran labs and put me on telemetry. I received a bill today, my insurance was billed and now I am responsible for the balance. I am not sure if workman's compensation should cover this since the "injury" did occur at work. Any help would be appreciated!
I fainted once at work (in a hospital), not from an injury but from a kidney infection. I didn't even once consider work comp, I was sick not injured. You had the right to refuse going to the ER if you were able. Otherwise like any other employer if they hadn't of given you medical care and something was wrong they would of been liable.
that seems kinda tricky but when i was hurt at work they sent mo to a place called concentra(wc doctor) and they said they didnt have anyone who could help me from the car and into the dr's office so i called work the hr department and asked what i shoud do and they told me to go to the er so thats what i did and all bills have been paid..i would think since you were at work it should be covered im sure someone with more knowledge about wc matters will be along shortley to help you..good luck
what was the injury ?

no, i don't think "work " is responsible
I would have to ask why did you faint? If there was a work related issue that caused you to faint then I would say yes if not then no. Need more info to give you a good answer
many states require a causal connection between work and the condition.
merely "place" or "location" of the incident may not rise to the level of cause.
you can probably get the definition of work injury from your state's work comp commission or from an ombudsman or other help center.
until they know why you fainted and can link it to your job, it would not seem to meet the threshold required confer liability as a work injury.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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