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What was your favorite Christmas present ever?
Mine was twin baby dolls that my brother bought for me. I was 8 years old and he was 16. He was working at a gas station and he bought me twin dolls in a carriage. I still remember I called them Wakey and Sleepy, beacause one had her eyes open and the others were closed. I remember eveything about that Christmas, it was great.
Shortly after I was Injured, I had to Sell some of My Guns to Make Ends Meet. I had Purchased a 1948 Marlin 30/30, that Needed Restored, and was a Very Rare One as it was a Sporting Carbine, and the First Year that Marlin Introduced the 336 Lever Action Model. I Sold it to My Brother-in-Law, who is Retired Military, and He Totally Stripped the Gun, sent it to be Professionally Re-Blued, and Replaced All of the Springs, cleaned All Mechanisms, and had the Walnut Stock Re-Finished. When it was done, He knew how much it Hurt Me to get Rid of it, so He gave it back to Me Totally Finished, better than I Probably would have!! I'll Never Forget Him for That!!Smile
Christmas Eve, 1978, my fiancee was still overseas. I walked up to the office of our apartment to get our mail after work. I was quite down, depressed, hadn't heard from my fiancee in a couple of weeks.

I asked the clerk if we had any mail, he said no. I noticed that he had a bouquet of miniature red roses on his desk. I commented on how pretty they were, his reply: "They're pretty because they belong to you", and he handed them over to me with a big smile. Then he added: "Oh yes, and this box goes along with it."

My fiancee had sent me a 10K watch (I still have it) for Christmas. Plus he wired the money for the roses via our former pastor in South Africa.

Do you know for the next 6 months until we moved away from that complex that clerk almost daily commented on the smile on my face that giving me those roses and the box produced. When my fiancee and I got married June 1979 the clerk got an invite and he came. After the, 'you may kiss the bride' remark from the pastor once again the clerk (Bob), said: "There's that smile again".

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