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Settlement offer on work comp
SSDI Medical Disability Review;

All mine had been in letter form. Ask a number of questions, and send it back. Then I get a letter back, saying when next review will be.

I still get a letter now and then, asking if my WC case has been settled yet, and if so for how much. They are staying on top of that more then anything for now.

I had passed the SSDI medical Review Board, without even being present, from what I was told by the person handling the medical portion of my SSDI when I applied. I was even followed he told me, and that was how he found out about my knee before having it replaced, and having trouble walking and getting up stairs. I was declaled 100% disabled by the medical review bord back then, and the whole team signed in agreement to it, each and every doctor did this. 90 Days after I applied, I was given an Award letter from SSDI.

I always say, bring all your paper work, printed (Film) copies of e-xrays, and such, each treating doctor's information, PT information, all medical reports showing cause of your problems. They copied my folder, and it did get sent down State to the review board. But, yes, they did follow up with each treating person in my cases also. If done this way, I say you have little problems with them. For they have what they need, they can plainly see, and then the whole process is made easier. Just appling and let them do the work, mostly leads to a delay's and court hearings, some a year or 2 before then approved. With now an Attorney on Board.
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I guess I've been extremely lucky with SSDI and being awarded. I applied online, scheduled telephone interview and was awarded due to age. (I turned 50 one month after interview.) I do not know how we would have survived without that award. Of course TTD payments helped but it's allowed us to live "normally". It had been effected by my weekly checks but since MMI and no checks it's normal.

How will the settlement effect SSDI offset? I've been told if they award weekly checks it would offset it more than a total settlement. Any ideas?

Thanks, Tim

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