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The miracle of WC
Well not really...
Just last week my lawyer told me that it would probably be well into next year before I get into court.

Well now, low and behold, an earl preset

A court hearing is scheduled for Thursday, December 2009. Not 2010 as we thought.

Darn, pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Take care,
Looks like your court date is before mine, congratulations.

When our attorney see's a need he does his best to get an injured worker the earliest possible court date.
I guess he realized how miserable I've been. Cortisone shot is not helping so far....
I'm Glad You Received an Early Hearing Date, Hopefully the Judge will be in the Holiday Spirit, and Give You the Much Needed Help You Need!! Please let Us know how it Goes!!;)
BB...you don't give the exact date...could you... I like to pray while people are in court.RolleyesI'm glad this happened and will be praying that it's all good for you.
Bodybuilder and I have court on the same day, December 17th, we have the same judge and same attorney.

Bummer Knees
Had my hearing in Nov of last year and I'm still waiting so don't hold your breath. We won that hearing, they appealed. Had that hearing in July and won that. They have decide not to appeal that but still are not paying. There is very little enforcement for employers to do what is ordered and there is very little penilty. I do hope you have better luck
Dec. 17th, 0900, any prayers would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying for extra treatment on my left knee, to add right hip and perhaps back to the balance. Also for the re-start of my TTD and medical mileage.

Thank you,

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