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Question for upcoming visit
When I was told after the 10th Back Surgeon looked at My Lower Back filled with Scar Tissue from Surgery, (He was the Re-Surgery Specialist for the Pittsburgh Steelers) I was told to Return to My PCP, (Primary Care Physician) for a Referral to a Pain Management Specialist and to get Myself as Comfortable as Possible. And that's what I did, Approx. 3 or so Years Ago. I'm always, at anytime Interested in Listening to a Reasonable Settlement Offer, but I don't count on Receiving a Call Anytime Soon! My Best to You, I Hope this Has Helped a Bit, and Have a Great Holiday!!Wink
Thanks S.I.L. Happy Holiday to you and everyone else.
Question. Is it possible to collect on back-pay? Since this report states that I could not do any of my previous job duties. And that for me to do any type of sedentary work. Rehabilitation is needed. Also, For those here in La. could I ask for the court's involvement to decide on the back-pay issue? If so, what should I do? How long does it normally take? If I can get that back-payment, than I could hold off on making an early settlement bid. Any input? Thanks.
I am a IW from this state. I have been in the WC Arena since 2003 and still have not settled. I have never been to court for anything related to WC. I have never missed a weekly paycheck and my medical benefits continue.

I feel your case is basically a wash. You are fighting a uphill battle. You were declared MMI and fit to work with rehab. at a different job skill. That is the world and reality of WC.

Back pay? Doubt it bigtime. It has been over a year since MMI and your TTD stopped.
Court is a big possibilty for you considering your Attorney thinks you have any chance.

What do you want or expect?

WC will starve you out especially with the resume you present. They have time on your side. It is quite possible you will not recieve any settlement from what I am reading.

I wish you all the luck in the world but unless you are PTD in Louisiana the " PAY" will stop.

Good luck and be smart.
Freebird. No more or no less. This last report is first time I saw or heard anything pertaining to PPD. The black and white lettering of diagnostic tests still say otherwise. The physical limitations or difficulty still lead me to believe otherwise. The fact that I can't operate an CDL class 'A' vehicule anymore leads me to believe otherwise. The fact that I will need rehabilitation to sustain an sedantary job also lead me to believe otherwise. If I believe that for one second that I'm at MMI, the insurance co. and their lawyer, and my former employer wins. I might as well say, that the pi** that is falling on my shoulders, is indeed rain. When infact I know otherwise. I'm already eating in an 'soup kitchen'. I'm wearing old under ware's. I have on worn-out shoes. I am job less. I am even on the brink of insanity. But, I have an wonderful Savior. He knows what's in my heart. He knows the truth. All that He ask of me. To be Truthful. and Faithful. I am willing to do. If I could just hold an egg in ether hand without dropping it, or even having the feelings of it, would be worth it's weigh in gold. Izell.
Life is like the ocean, it can be calm one minute and the next a wave will knock you off your feet, it's up to you to get back up and take control.
Hey gang. Sorry for level of attitude. Just tired. Really been put the point where I don't want to be. Just don't appreciate the treatment by defense team. I know they don't have my best interest at heart. Never did and never will. If I could get my hands on couple of granades, I probable get better medical treatment in a place where they will put me. Only just an imagination. Not an intent. Mind plays tricts sometimes. I know it will not be until next business day, I will know what my options are, and where I stand. When I talk with my lawyer. Will ask about back-payment. Take it from there.Always been a fighter. Thanks for being here. Izell.

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