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sick leave?
I am my a teacher/coach in a school district. I injured my little finger on my dominate hand while I was coaching my 7th grade volleyball team at school. I will have to wear a split for 6-8 weeks and may have to have surgery. I have a doctor's appointment with a ortho specialist. My question is when I take time off for doctor's appointments or for the surgery do I have to use my sick leave or are those paid days with no deduction from my accumulated sick leave?
Linda Janke
most states do not pay you for the days you have Drs appointments and in order for WC to pay you have to be off a number of days in a row again depending on your state....most are a week some less WC pays only a portion of your pay about 66% again depending on your state and or union if you have one...I suggest you talk with your HR person or union rep....
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