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Settlement and Creditors
Good morning! I was wondering Rolleyes if I chose to get my settlement in one lump sum could creditors put a lien against my settlement?

I applied for SSI and SSDI, I received a letter the other day and was denied because I am currently on W/C, I am 35 yrs. old and when I applied the lady told me I had over the credits for SSI, can they deny me for that? I have worked since I was 15. Should I or would it be smart to appeal it?
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depends on the type of settlement. it would be too late to file a lien if a cash buyout were already approved.
prior to any final dispostion a creditor can file a lien
no. the fact that you are receiving workers comp is not a bar to SSI
but there is an 80% threshold for payments
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I cannot imagine being denied SSD because you are on WC. You would be approved but possibly receive nothing if your WC check is at the 80% that 1171 explained. HAving over the credits means you have enough credits. If you didn't you couldn't even apply. Whether or not you appeal is up to you. Depends on your disability, if you are disabled, if it's permanent, etc. 35 is young. Not to discourage you but the older you are the easier it is to be approved.

Can you tell us your state and your disability?
Sunshine yes appeal it as I am 39 and turned down 3 times and am at hearing level and I as well have been working since I was thirteen.They tell me I have enough knowledge and schooling to find work but that they dont look at is ur health and what you can do,as for me I will loose my legs but they still said no to my ssdi.Dont give up or in keep trying it take a long time but dont give up and even my dr.'s and a vocational rehab specialist put me as totally disabled but I still did not get my ssdi in 3 tries.
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