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WC "newbie" - ?s re out-of-state travel
Good to hear from you Jayne, Angel, and 1171. It's encouraging to hear that you don't think my disability payments will be put on hold while I'm gone. I guess I'll find out about that later today when I call my case worker. Thanks to what you all have told me, I feel pretty optimistic that my trip will be "OK'd."

Angel - Being new to WC in general and this forum in specific, I don't know what words some of the abbreviations stand for, such as "IC" and "TTD." If you (or anyone else, for that matter) would have a few minutes, would you please explain? I can pretty much figure out their meaning from the context, but would like to know the wording. Thanks.
Here's a post that has a partial list http://www.workerscompensation.com/forum...p?tid=5823
Thanks, Kate - I'll check it out!
Saw my doctor this afternoon and told her about the situation with my mother-in-law and wanting to go to MI to visit her. My doctor recommended that rather than talking to my case worker about it now (a week before my husband and I plan on leaving), I wait until just a day or two before. She thinks it best to present it as, "there's a family medical emergency and I'm going." As always, I welcome any thoughts or opinions you might have!

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