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Will WC cover medical treatment
im in NY

if i return to work im feeling great, and i reinjure myself same spot or problem, can i reopen case or make a new one.

one more thing

if i had previouslt sheduled treatment prior to my return date, do i still go, does wc pay for that

i have been out for 5 mos l5 s1 radiculitus, im feeling great, still alittle numbness , but good to go-and ready to go back, pain mgmt doc will agree, i have had 2 back injections, scheduled for third, but i will be back to work by then .they say they usually give three, if i return to work full duty, will my employers third party ic pay for this, the procedure was approved before we decided to go back to work
tnx , also pt was scheduled before this
Hi Matrix....yes you can reopen within a certain period of time OR open a new case. I have sufffered 3 back injuries and they have all been new cases because I went back to work with no restrictions after the first 2 and worked for a couple of years before reinjuring so it was too late in my state to re-open.

What happened in my case was I was asked to finish my treatment but to try my best to do it before/after working hours and if I couldn't I would not be docked for taking the time. That was my employer. I don't know if they all work the same. Do you need to take any time off if you have the 3rd injection done? I would clarify all of this before your return to work. Best of luck. Glad you feel great. Smile
Your current medical just doesn't stop because you return to work.

And if your working and pain does become a problem, your still under your current medical claim.

Now if you do get re-injured, you ask to go to the doctor, and get a employer slip sending you there. When at the doctor, you ask to check if the old injury area became worse, and if so to note it, and also check any new areas of pain.
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Badboy is 100% right but please check with your state to see what the time limit is. For instance I needed no medical care for 2 1/2 years after my first injury. I had to open a new case because without medical attention for 18 months in my state the case is closed.
thank you, im in ny


does my employer have to let me get the third shot if it was approved from WC prior to coming back, my end of this is i have been out for 5 mos, my job is going to be filled , and that means if i stay out, for any more of length of time, window would be closing for getting back in my department, and my company would stop my wages, and i would be shifted to their IC for pay, alot of what ifs, i can go back and do the job now, i have some residual but improved so much . if i stay out to get a third shot, who knows then
WHy risk the 3 rd injection making you worse the ? It happens.
i hear ya


if i go back to my position and in time i find that im getting back the same eymptoms, whats next, can i resume wc, or do i open new case, i have to tell yo that after my first injection, i felt better than after my second
Hi Matrix, I Hope You are Well! What You have Asked Us in the 2 Threads You have Started on This Topic is a Hard Question to Answer! There are just too Many Variables to give an Absolute Answer, but Unless You Settle and Close the Medical, it should stay with Your Original Injury. Any other Info. You May want to Get from Your State's w/c Website, as Each States Laws and Regulations are Different! Best of Luck!!Wink
While it depends on the circumstances and what how your Dr. would explain it, generally a return of symptoms without a new distinct injury will be treated under the original claim I would think only if not too much time has elapsed. If there was a long gap between episodes then it makes it difficult to establish a reasonable casual relationship since back pain, disc herniations etc also happen with the same frequency outside of work.

If there is another distinct event, a fall, lifting something etc then a new claim might be in order. When a new employer is involved, the old versus new claim discussion gets interesting.

matrix59 Wrote:i hear ya


if i go back to my position and in time i find that im getting back the same eymptoms, whats next, can i resume wc, or do i open new case, i have to tell yo that after my first injection, i felt better than after my second
I'm with Cycler about the third shot. I would let it go and if you're ready to go back to work with/without restrictions go for it. I will say again to check your state....mine has a time limit if you receive no medical help in a certain time span it makes it a new case. I had 3 different lumbar injuries ..that were 3 different claims. Same 2 disks in two claims and 2 others in the 3rd.

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