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Question for the forum
Hey, Now I know I am getting old. Can anyone tell me what "420 friendly" is? I keep seeing it around and I know that if I ask someone I know I will get strange looks. Its all so cryptic!!!!! I am guessing it is drug related, just don't know how it is related.

Go ahead, its ok to laugh. I can't hear it!!!!!
What is 420 friendly?

420 friendly can easily be summed up in one sentence. Well…actually a few sentences. Obviously if you know what the number “420” means then you can figure out the rest. The definition of 420 is slang for marijuana.

“420” is code word for marijuana and the word “friendly” obviously means cordial. Put them together and you have the definition for 420 friendly. When someone says “this party is 420 friendly” or “I have 420 friendly friends” basically this is a way to express the acceptance of smoking pot or accepting someone who does without mentioning pot or marijuana. Kind of a casual way to mention “who cares” Or even “Hey I’d love to meet you and smoke your dope”. Just by saying your “420 friendly” is the same thing as saying “I'm aware and at ease with smoking pot.
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Thanks for that. I suspected something like that, but wasn't sure. Having been in England...well, I never heard of the code. So now I know. I haven't got any, but it is useful information!!!
Its friday and 420 time,lol,lol just joking.
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.

Sharing a joke.....

There were 3 men and they all died in a car crash and went to hell. When they got there the devil asked them all in turn a question.
To he first he said "what was your biggest sin on earth?" and the man replied "Oh man I just love alchol and being drunk man" so the devil showed the man to a room full of alchol of every type and description and he put the man inside and said "see you in 100 years" and locked the door.

To the second man he asked the same question and the man replied "oh man I just love to have sex with the ladies, I was really unfaithful to my wife man". So the devil took the man and showed him to a room full of hundreds upon thousands of georgeous and beautiful naked women. The man ran inside and the devil said "see you in 100 years" and locked the door.

The third man's answer to the question was "oh man I just LOVE weed! Im high all the time man and I can't live without it!". The devil showed the man to a room packed with the most amazing grade-A bud you've ever seen, stacked to the roof! The man went inside and the devil locked the door after saying "see you in 100 years".

100 years later the devil came by to let the three men out. He opened the door to the first man's room and found the man collapsed on the ground, passed out with empty bottles laying around him and puke all over him. He was a mess.
The devil opened the 2nd man's door and the man came running out of the room and cried "IM GAY! IM GAY!". Finally the devil came to the third man's room and opened the door. Sitting in the middle of all the bud, in the exact same position the devil had left him in was the man. He looked up at the devil and with a single tear rolling down his cheek he asked ; "hey man, got a light?" -
Guns n Roses
Thanks for the Laugh, that was a Good One!!Tongue
I am not laughing, I did not know either.
mpenny, I was Speaking of the Joke that was Posted, why would that Offend You?? I'm making Fun of No One, just Commenting on the Joke Posted, could You Please Explain Yourself??
Oh Limbo, Please read the pm I sent you. I was not laughing a Bag because I did not know what 420 ment. Soo sorry for the misunderstanding!!!! Please no hurt feelings, I would never want to do that.

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