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Halloween Judge
I just received a call and was asked if I would be a judge at the local fire hall for the kids Halloween Parade. I am so happy. I usually don't even have any kids stop in on Halloween, being out in the country the way we are. Of course I accepted since the guys are going hunting and I was upset because I can't go with them any longer. They are even going to get me a chair to watch the parade so I don't have to stand the entire time.
I am excited for you, this sounds like a lot of fun!

I loved Halloween in my classroom, it was such a fun time with the students!
Sounds like a fun time, enjoy...Cool
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God, I know you will have fun doing that. Have a good time and I wish it was me. Love ya!

Cajun Hugssssssssssss,
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"THE WITCH OF THE HOLLOW" Judging a Halloween Contest, They Couldn't have Picked a Better Person!!Tongue Have a Great Time, and tell Dave and All I said Hi!!Smile

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