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Other treatment alternatives
My daughter had the surgury in Sept. for the herniation of her l5-s1. Although it was scary, when it was over the pain that shes had since July when the accident was, was gone! it took a good 4 weeks recovery, but she is doing p.t. 3 times a week and is doing great!
That's Great to Hear Penni!! Most of the Time the L5/S1 Microdiscectomy is Very Successful, I had never had Surgery before, and didn't know My Body Produces Excess Scar Tissue. My S1 Nerve Root was Crushed, and the Scar Tissue Encapsulated the Nerve, leaving it Crushed for Life!! I Love to Hear when a Surgery Goes Great, and My Very Best to Your Daughter!!Wink
lost2009 Wrote:I was injured on the job back in august, I have been to therapy, i have also been on medications. None of this is helpin my back. i was diagnosed with a herniated disk. Now the doctors wants me to take the injections ,but I don't want to take the injections I want to try other options first. If I refuse the injection will workmans comp cut me off or do I have other options. I m always in pain I don't know what to do. Can anywho help please. Thanks

i am on workers comp for almost 3 years and still didnt have injections but had lot's of therapies and stuff,i was looking at spinal decopression treatment but i stil didnt talk to my doctor about it

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