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Nevada injury
I work in a casino..need I say more?
I injured my r. elbow due to repetitive use lifting coins.
I filed WC 7/09 was denied, I hired an attorney he filed appeal. I had my hearing 9/09 and won...My employer never called me for the entire time it took to get my hearing. when I won then I was given light duty.. immediately was treated different, again doing repetitive duty..(filing) was told to use my left hand. started getting problems with my left hand. I told the doctor..APN. I never saw the doctor till just last week...??
All along I kept telling the APN I couldn't complete my 8 hrs shift and it was causing pain. It took almost 3 weeks to get my Therapy which was ordered twice. and I had to call about it 3 different times. to see what was going on. Now.....
I just had a knee injury un related to work. I was mailed family leave papers to fill out...Guess what???
All this time my employer has use my 12 weeks of family leave for my workman's comp..now I only have 10 days left and will stand to lose my health insurance...This doesn't seem fair.
Has anyone else had this happen?
Yes, just about each and everyone of us has...
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