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I am a WC idiot
Can anyone explain to me how a settlement works? How do I get started? Heres my situation. I live in Oregon and had back surgery about 3 years ago. The WC Dr keeps giving me pain killers so I can continue working. I dont want pain killers and I still want to work but, I know i cant keep doing my current type of work and survive. I want to settle and just get some cash so i can move closer to my children and finish my degree. So far WC has done right by me, I have no complaints. I am worried that if I mention "settlement" this may change. I dont want to get rich off the settlement I just want enough to cover me for a year or so until I finish school and can get going again. Has anyone been in my position? Does anyone understand? I feel like asking to settle is like me saying "you owe me". I dont feel that way I just want to be done with taking pills and move forward.
If the Pain Killers are taken away, will You be able to Live with the Pain without Them? If so, Contacting and Asking for a Settlement if that is what You want I See No Problem with, but I would Strongly Suggest that You Speak with an Attorney, and Possibly Retain One that Deals with w/c to Help You! There are soo Many Loop Holes in w/c Systems, and it's Different from State to State, it's Best to have Help!! Give it a Try if You Feel You want Out, but if They do Offer You a Settlement, just double check and Make Sure it's Close to what You Deserve!! Best of Luck!!Wink
This explains the process
In general you have wait until your recovery is complete before any kind of "settlement" can be determined.

you can get detailed information on how Oregon work comp system works as well as answers to specific questions on your claim from the ombudsman:
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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