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a rough day yesterday- prayers needed
Praying that things are going better for you today. Praying for you and your Mom. Love ya!

Cajun Hugsssssssssssss,
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Sorry so Late, Prayers are on the Way!!Wink
Good Morning all...sorry I didn't get back to you before this morning. I went back to the doctor with my mother this morning and it looks like they are testing her for swine flu. Today my dad is sick also. In terms of the 3 codes, here is what happened as I understand it now from the doctor.

mom had a mild temperature when they started the procedure...first mistake on their part because they should have rescheduled the procedure and did not.
mom was under and asleep when they did the colonscopy which we knew she would be going into it. During this procedure she she began to cough so they had to stop t he procedure for a few minutes while they removed the intubation and then replaced it. Sometime during her coughing she went into respiratory failure. Cardiac never did stop but slowed greatly to less than 30 beats per minute. They thought she was recovering and was restful and so they finished the colonscopy. She was also scheduled for an endoscopy which the same thing happened as happened above. Then during her recovery and the intubation had been removed her temperature spiked, she started coughing uncontrolably and unfortunately began to loose blood from her nose and her mouth. then shortly after stopped breathing and her heart stopped ticking. She had a rough go of it. Before she was discharged they sent a culture out to test for swine flu unbeknowst to us before today. They put her on antibiotics.two every duty ones and I thought then they are treating her similar to what CNN has reported about treatment of the swine flue. They told her to wear a mask which she is doing. Unfortunately, I was with her most of night before last, and now I am at risk also so now she is all worried. I told her not too... Del started coughing diarrhea, upset stomach last night and has been up all night due to this. It is so strange that I am not having an issue yet as I am immune suppressant drugs and it is not advised that I even take the flu shot much less to take the swine flu shot. Del and I are staying in today. Victoria was kept home from school. Dawn called her job and so did james and they both want her to stay home until we have a clear answer as too what is happening. This is such a mess... my mom is so very ill right now... and dad was this morning. continue to pray that it isn't the swine flue and that no one else come down with it. love Red
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