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pension update
i talked to my former employer and they said my pension has no cash value and can only be collected at 65. and as far as disability retirement goes on my pension i can only collect that if im on ssdi wich im not doing at this time, i was denied ssdi because i was not totaly disabled at the time though im not now i do have a permanant partial moderate disability and not sure if i can collect ssdi?
Blake I'm really sorry this didn't work out for you. My pension didn't care what I was or wasn't collecting. They felt since I was the main contributer that it was my money. Can you roll it over into an IRA? If so you could take it out at I beliebe 59 1/2. Or earlier but with penalties. SSD is difficult unless you are permanently disabled. Age also has alot to do with being approved. Those over 50 seem to have a much easier time. Sorry I could'nt be of more help.
no you helped me very much thank you. because it was a pension owned and contributed by the company thats why it has no value, im not sure if i can roll it over to an ira i would love to though
Blake, I told you you would need a Award letter from SSDI in order to collect early retirement disability.

But, retirement you said was Union, what does employer have to do with that?
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