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shoulder injury pain since february
Hi Queenie, and Welcome to the Boards!! I'm sorry I can't help on shoulder issues, but the ones that are helping you are very knowledgeable on what they are telling you an won't steer you wrong!! I just wanted to jump on and say HI!!!Wink

rjaffman, Welcome to the Boards also!! I'm from Pa. (Near Pittsburgh) and it's GREAT to have a Pa. Attorney on Board!! thanks for taking your time to try and Help us, it's GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!Smile
Thanks to all who has replied. I just went back to ortho and they are trying to push thru the surgery again. I have went to physical therapy and it is not helping. I work for a county hospital so they actually go right thru to the commission for work comp. I live in illinois.Hopefully this time we have done enough conservative treatment to let the arthroscopy get approved. My shoulder is driving me crazy. I can't sleep. I am having constant migraines and all of the motrin and vicodin I have been taking is messing with my stomach. My ortho wants me to have surgery even if it gets denied and just put it against my insurance however my lawyer doesn't. I don't know what to do but the darn thing is driving me crazy. Hopefully I will get an answer soon they just faxed all of new dr. info to work comp again. Does anyone know how long it takes to hear from them its been so long I can't remember.
Hi Queenie and welcome. I feel your pain. Literally. I had surgery a year ago this month for impingement and rotator cuff repair. I hit a certain point in my recovery and it stopped getting better. I tried waiting, hoping it was just a matter of time but that didn't work. Now, I'm back in PT being told I have a frozen shoulder (I disagree) and that it's all my fault because I didn't "push through the pain" Rolleyes I've found their favorite phrase when it comes to shoulder injuries is that the recoveries tend to be "self limiting". Translation: it's our fault we aren't getting better. Hang in there, keep fighting and don't let them allow you to believe it's YOUR fault you aren't better. I've heard from many sources that shoulder injuries often take years to heal and some never really do. I'm not limiting myself. They are by not providing the proper treatment.
Morning all.....

shugarcookie.....I also aquired frozen shoulder 10 weeks after surgery. PT has never come right out and said it but I feel when i'm there that he feels it's my fault. My surgeon doesn't agree with that. PT was so aggressive from 2 weeks post -op, created intolerable pain that when I got there I was in agony and sat through one hour 2 xs a week of them twisting it in all different directions until it was so bad I had to get two injections to kill the pain. Now I'm going a litttle slower and not having 3/4 of the pain I had. You're right. SHoulder are a tough one and a painful one. I'm at 12 weeks now and am hoping within a year I am good to go. Not looking for miracles before that.


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