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I'm so happy
I Hope You are Feeling Better, and also Your Family!! When it Rains it Pours, Doesn't it?? I have been Very Weak the Last Couple Days with a Bit if Congestion, I just can't seem to get Actual Rest and Sleep, the Pain is awaking Me a lot Lately!! My Best Wishes to All, and Give Dave My Best!!Wink
Backache I apologize for not responding to this thread earlier.

Congratulations on your daughter!

I believe you made the right decision to cancel going out. One of our local schools only had 17 children attend yesterday due students being sick.

I have to watch my son with exposure due to his health risk.
Wow, you should be really proud of your daughter as I know that your are. Congratulations on her accomplishments but I also know that she had a strong source of support through you and your husband. She will continue to do well. God Bless and love ya!

Cajun Hugssssssssssss,
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Backache -congratulation to your daughter. I know you and Dave are very proud of her.

Please tell Dave to please stay away from anyone that has any signs of the flu. John came down with it last week and has been in bed sence and quite ill. Of corse someone had to see to it that he took his medications and Tynenol for the fever abd now I am fighting the early sign of the swine flu. Every joint in my body hurts and it is hard to keep anything down.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Thanks guys, I appreciate all of your support. Like I said I started to get a sore throat on Monday. By Wed. I was one sick little pup. I made Dave go to the store and I immediately started to take Airborne, the things that fizz when you drop them in water. Well I took the limit of those and the limit of Tylenol cold/flu Wed. and Thurs. and I woke this morning without even a sniffle. The airborne always helps me when the grands are sick I never catch anything from them now that I found it. All of the grands have been exposed to the swine flu from kids at school and I'm worried about them.

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