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Kyzer is sick
Kyzer saw the peditrician yesterday and he has what they call the cold crud. She reviewed all of the labs done at the ER the night we brought him to be checked. I have to say that I am happy that it is just a childhood cold. She also gave Kailey something else for that horrible diaper rash he has been having. Well, I have to tell y'all, the doctor says Kyzer is obese...lol. She says he weighs 3 pounds more than he should be weighing for his age. He is taking 6 oz. of formula as the lesser amounts when we were giving him 3 oz. was not satisfying him and he was still hungry. We increased it to 4 oz. and then about a week later Kailey increased it to 6 oz. A website that she uses stated that if he had certain signs of still being hungry to increase his formula by an oz. or 2. Well, she did that and he is now obese and the doc said to cut his formula down to 4 ozs. and not anymore and for her to add just a bit of rice cereal to is formula. She told Kailey Kyzer is 1 month old and he is eating what a 3 month old baby would eat. OH well, I guess we will see. He was still running a low grade like 100.2 but it is now going any higher. Laith seems to be doing much better as he was eating and playing yesterday. I really do not think he had the Swine Flu like his doc said. I feel he had a case of the regular flu but he was really sick with that hight 105 fever. I was happy to see that Laith was feeling better yesterday. It is time for all this to go away. It seems like our prayers are working as they always do. Thanks to all of you for the prayers...they are being answered. I will update you as things take place but I hope my next update will be that they are both done with all this crud. God bless each of you and I love y'all.

Cajun Hugssssssssssssss,

I have still been logged on but not at the computer. I forgot to log off...lol. The phone rang and it was our local newspaper. Every Sunday they do a weekend profile on one of our citizens in our city. They are wanting to do a profile on me for this Sundays paper. I am an activist involved with how our Parish Government is running our parish. I am a government watchdog for our city. This is how I was voted as the best Mover and Shaker for our city recently. Last weekend they had an election and our parish council wanted an 80% pay raise. I fought against this by writing letters to the editor against it and informing the public of the real truth and things that the council was not telling them. Like how much the tax payers are paying for health insurance benefits and you would not believe the money involved in this. But, the council was acting like all they received was $600 a month in pay and that is not true. This is not considered a full time job and this is what they call a public servant and you do not get elected to the council to make a living off of it. I also was on the radio for 2 days on a program called Teche Matters where people call in and discuss different issues. Well, the citizens did not vote to give them a pay raise so it was denied by the public. The reporter decided that this was a good time to feature a profile on me since the election was last Saturday. She is coming to my house at 2pm today to do my interview. I am pretty excited about this as I would have never expected to be selected to be featured for their weekend profile. They also put a picture of the person along with the article. God, I am going to get a haircut at 12:30 cause I been looking like an old troll.....lol. Can't look like that for my picture....lol. Well, gotta run for now and I will be in touch later. Hope everyone has a good day.
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MJC......What an honor. I saw pics of you and you are one attractive woman. Coming from another woman you know that's a bigger compliment than coming from a man.Wink

I am so glad the kids are getting better. JMO! I hate when Dr.s say infants are eating too much. I'm from the old school that if the baby is hungry ...feed them. I like the idea of the cereal. My oldest I started when she was a month old and my two younger daughters got cereal when they came home. Of course they are all in their 30's but I'm sure the grandmothers all remember...."feed them when they're hungry"
MJC... you have had so much to cope with recently... many hugs and prayers coming your way. love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
MJC- sorry I haven't been on to see your need . prayers going up for your little ones.

We are fighting the swine flu at our house as well. John has been sick for over a week now with high fever, diarea, and vomiting. He has only been out of bed for a couple hours a day. I came down with it yesterday and have spent most of the time in bed. No fever as of yet but having had time keeping food down.
Also had problems at dialysis twice this week and almost ended up in the hospital. Lost 600 cc blood between the two treatmets, they are watch blood levels and if it drops any more will have to have a unit of blood.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms

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